apply ap‧ply [əˈplaɪ] verb applied PTandPP
1. [intransitive] to make a formal, usually written, request for something, especially a job, a place at university, or permission to do something:
apply for

• She had applied for a full-time job as an English teacher.

• I recently applied for a home-improvement loan from my bank.

apply to

• I applied to four universities and was accepted by all of them.

• Mr Walton applied to Darlington Council for permission to change agricultural buildings into dwellings.

apply to do something

• He applied to become a member of the association.

2. [transitive] to use something such as a law or an idea in a particular situation:

• When there are disputes about expert determination, the courts apply the law of contract.

apply something to something

• New technology is being applied to almost every industrial process.

3. [intransitive] to have an effect on someone or something, or to concern a person, group, or situation:

• The restrictions on goods coming into Britain do not apply in this case.

apply to somebody/​something

• Questions 3 and 4 only apply to married men.

* * *

apply UK US /əˈplaɪ/ verb
[I] HR, FINANCE to officially ask for something such as a job, a place on a course, or a loan, usually by completing a special form or writing a letter: »

Please apply before April 4th.

apply for sth »

I'm applying for a new job.

apply to do sth »

How do you apply to extend your visa?

apply to sb/sth (for sth) »

We've applied to a charitable organization for a grant for the project.

[I] if something such as a rule, condition, or tax applies, it affects a particular person or situation: »

Whether you are a shoe store or an internet company, consumer protection laws apply.

apply to sb/sth »

The tax would only apply to meals in restaurants.

[T] to make use of something for a practical purpose or in a real situation: apply knowledge/techniques/theory »

Applicants should be willing to learn and apply new techniques.

apply sth to sth »

He applied the knowledge he gained at university to his new job.

Compare APPLICABLE(Cf. ↑applicable), APPLICANT(Cf. ↑applicant)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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